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Think Deeper

Imagine a Dartmoor of long ago
Picture bronze age farmers and medieval tinners
Lay your hands on stones, hauled by tribes thousands of years past
Marvel at tombs – ceremonial cromlechs and cists still intact
Stand in the shadows of towering menhirs, and feel small
Visualize monks traversing the wilds, using granite crosses as guides
Huddle in the remains of stone huts, feel the plight of the before you
Trace the boundaries of hill forts and castles
Slip back to a time, before time, it’s easy, it’s all around you

Stretch your imagination.
Take time.
Immerse yourself in history.
Appreciate the good things in life.
Re-discover yourself.
You deserve it.

Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate 1984–1998, took much inspiration from Dartmoor, living in the area for over 30 years. After his death a memorial stone mysteriously appeared in the middle of the moor close to the source of the River Taw.

Dartmoor National Park nominated No 1 by BBC ONE Holiday Programme, Best of Britain 2005

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